Trinidad & Tobago Ports Authority, Port of Spain Harbour, Trinidad, W.I. 1990 - 1991 Project Manager/ Marine Superintendant
Rehabilitation Project, replacement of Harbour marker lights, design and installation of pile cluster.
  HM HM2 HM3  
Atlantic LNG / Bechtel International Train 4 Jetty 2 2003 - 2005 Marine Consultant/ Offshore Manager with Pres-T-Con Ltd
Construction of a 700 meter pre cast concrete jetty for the berthing of  LNG tankers.
Installation of 325 -18”, 20” and 16” dia Octagonal concrete piles up 24 tons each.
Installation of 122 - 36” dia  steel piles 140 ft long
Installation of  4 breasting and 6 mooring Dolphins
  24 36 D62 HERA
Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard / Ministry of National Security, Chaguaramas 2003 - 2005 Marine Consultant/ Offshore Manager with Pres-T-Con Ltd
Construction of 600 ft concrete birthing arm jetty
Installation of 45- 24” dia concrete piles and 90- 34” dia steel piles.
  200 30 gate  
World Wide Equipment Caribbean Ltd   Claxton Bay,Trinidad 2006 Marine Consultant/ Contractor
Installation of 300 foot sheet pile bulkhead with anchor piles and tie rods
Installation of 10 No 36” dia tubular piles and 72- 16” dia concrete piles
Dredging and concrete work.
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  k1 014 09a 023
  020 016 018  

Calypso Marine, Chaguaramas 2008 - 2009 Marine Consultant/ Contractor
Supply & installation of 180ft sheet piled concrete bulkhead and land reclamation.

  3a 10a    

Ministry Of Works Trinidad Government 2006 - 2007 Marine Consultant/ Construction Manager/ Construction Supervisor

National Infrastructure Development Co. (Nidco), Test Piling
Preliminary design, budget estimates, pre- qualification and tender documents, geotechnical investigations, bathymetric surveying, pile driving analyzer dynamic pile testing, tubular pile driving, dredging, breakwaters, costal protection, pre-stressed concrete dock construction for the installation of 6 ferry terminals for the Trinidad and Tobago Water Taxi Service. Supervision of dredging and disposal of 245,000m3 of spoil, pile-preparation and piling at Flat Rock San Fernando.

  13a 10a  
  h1 08a i2  
Nidco, Flat Rock Dredge
  43a 44a    

Cari-dock (Clico), Chaguaramas 2008 - 2009 Marine Consultant
Installation of 1 - 72" dia tubular pile (50 tons) and 5 - 56" dia piles for concrete dolphins for the stabilization of the dry dock


Industrial Transport Ltd. Brash Port, La Brea 2008 - 2009 Project Management/ Marine Consultant
Preliminary design of sheet piled bulkhead and breakwaters; dredge channel and turning basin; budget estimates, geotechnical investigation, bathymetric surveying and magnometer surveys for pipeline location. Coastal and environmental studies and surveys. Earth works, drainage and landscape design.

  complete earth sea  
Land Fish & Sea, Chaguaramas 2008 - 2009 Dredging Contractor
Dredging and removal of approx. 1000 cubic yards of river stone from Dock frontage.
  dredge trans    

Petrotrin, Point-a-Pierre 2008 - 2009 Marine Consultant
Installation of a 450ft sheet piled cofferdam, AZ-28 steel sheet piles. With Junior Sammy Co. Ltd (Bish Construction)

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