St. Kitts Government, City Expansion Project, Marina and Cruise Ship Facility
1994 - 1998 Marine Superintendent
Dredging and reclamation of 25 acres (1,000,000 cu.yds. of material).   Installation of 5,000ft. of sheet piles, concrete bulkheads and construction of a sixty berth marina.  Installation of green heart piles, wooden dock construction and installation of tubular piles for a 2,500 foot cruise ship dock.  All prefab and insitu concrete work, sea defense armor rock placement and salvage operation.
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Derocher Dock and Dredge
1994 - 1998 Marine Superintendent
Revetment placement and installation of breakwater at the Four Seasons Hotel, Nevis.     

St. Kitts & Nevis Government – Cruise Ship Dock Rehabilitation Project, Dock Repair & Dophin installation 1994 - 2003 Marine Superintendent/ Offshore Manager.
Demolition of damaged cruise ship dock, extraction of tubular piles and dredging of berthing faces using 20” Cutler Suction Dredge, in preparation for the construction of Contract 5, which included:

Installation of 34” diameter tubular piles, temporary works and formwork for insitu concrete in beams, caps, deck topping and dolphin structures. Dock repair, dolphin structure installation and dredging.    

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The Urban Development Corporation, St. Kitts & Nevis
1994 - 2003
Design and Construction of new dock and marina reconstruction project. 
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Private Property, Greenheart Piling, Nevis 1994 - 2003
Christophe Harbour, KHT Holdings Ltd 2008 - 2009 Marine Consultant/ Contractor
Sand depth investigation. Jet probing 25ft below sea bed at White House Bay, Ballast Bay and Turtle Bay.
Port Zante Marina 2008 - 2009 Marine Consultant/ Contractor
Marine Rehab Project. Extracting and driving greenheart piles, steel tubalar pile driving. removal and rebuilding of wooden finger piers. Clam shell dredging, removal and disposing of 300ton concrete obstruction from the seabed.
Tamarind Cove Marina, Nevis 2010- 2011 Marine Construction Consultant/ Project Manager
Preliminary designs, budget estimation and consulting. The proposed Marina development includes: Dredging, concrete bulkheads, concrete finger piers, wood dock and Armour Rock Jetties.

Christophe Harbour & Park Hyatt, Southeast Peninsular 2012 - 2017 Project Manager/Consultant/Contractor
Driving sheet, concrete , timber and tubular steel piles, rock augering, building of revetments and cofferdams.

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Friars and Frigate Beach, St. Kitts. 2014 - 2015 Project Manager/Consultant
Dredging, Surveying, Profiling and Re-nourishment of the Beach.

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