PILING – Sheet Piling,Tubular Piling, Green Heart Piling, Concrete Piling, Test Piling.



















Private Home, Nevis
Greenheart pile driving.


Jamaica energy and power
Construction of berthing face and underwater cofferdam for securing their 200 foot floating electric plant. Dredging of Basin.
600 foot of sheet piling with tie rods and anchor piles
300 foot concrete bulkhead




Omai Gold Mines, Linden, Guyana

Green heart dock construction, Pile driving and dredging.


The Moorings Limited, Grenada, W.I.

Secret Harbour Marine Projects A & B.  A – Steel and wooden dock construction.  B – Pre-cast concrete dock construction.  All steel and concrete pile driving, land reclamation, pre-cast and insitu concrete works.


Grenada Ports Authority, Grenada, W.I.

Carriacou Dock Rehabilitation Project.  Repairs to main dock, pile driving, installation of harbour marker piles and pile extraction. 



Courland Bay Marine Project,  Tobago, W.I.

Steel and Pre-cast concrete dock construction.  Including, pile fabrication and pile driving.


Ports Development Project, Contract B, Tortola and Virgin Gorda, BVI. 

New Cruise Ship Dock Construction and port rehabilitation.  Including dredging, land reclamation, tubular and sheet pile driving, rock drilling, reef removal, pile fabrication and testing. 




St. Kitts Government, City Expansion Project, Marina and Cruise Ship Facility

Dredging and reclamation of 25 acres (1,000,000 cu.yds. of material).   Installation of 5,000ft. of sheet piles, concrete bulkheads and construction of a sixty berth marina.  Installation of green heart piles, wooden dock construction and installation of tubular piles for a 2,500 foot cruise ship dock.  All prefab and insitu concrete work, sea defense armor rock placement and salvage operation. 



St. Kitts & Nevis Government – Cruise Ship Dock Rehabilitation Project

Demolition of damaged cruise ship dock, extraction of tubular piles and dredging of berthing faces using 20” Cutler Suction Dredge, in preparation for the construction of Contract 5, which included:

Installation of 34” diameter tubular piles, temporary works and formwork for insitu concrete in beams, caps, deck topping and dolphin structures.




Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard / Ministry of National Security
Construction of 600 foot concrete birthing arm jetty
Installation of 45- 24” dia concrete piles and 90- 34” dia steel piles.






Ministry Of Works Trinidad Government
Preliminary design, budget estimates, pre- qualification and tender documents, geotechnical investigations, bathymetric surveying, pile driving analyzer dynamic pile testing, tubular pile driving, dredging, breakwaters, costal protection, pre-stressed concrete dock construction for the installation of 6 ferry terminals for the Trinidad and Tobago Water Taxi Service. Supervision of dredging and disposal of 245,000m3 of spoil, pile-preparation and piling at Flat Rock San Fernando.



Trinidad & Tobago Ports Authority, Port of Spain Harbour, Trinidad, W.I.

Rehabilitation Project, replacement of Harbour marker lights, design and installation of pile cluster.





Atlantic LNG / Bechtel International Train 4 Jetty 2
Construction of a 700 meter pre cast concrete jetty for the berthing of  LNG tankers.
Installation of 325 -18”, 20” and 16” dia Octagonal concrete piles up 24 tons each.
Installation of 122 - 36” dia  steel piles 140 ft long
Installation of  4 breasting and 6 mooring Dolphins



World Wide Equipment Caribbean Ltd   Claxton Bay,Trinidad
Installation of 300 foot sheet pile bulkhead with anchor piles and tie rods
Installation of 10 No 36” dia tubular piles and 72- 16” dia concrete piles
Dredging and concrete work.




Delta Logistics Ltd, Carricou
Straightening and sealing 200ft concrete sheet piled wall. installation of tie rods and anchor piles. Forming, reinforcing and pouring of 200ft concrete bulkhead. Backfilling and compaction.






Calypso Marine Services Ltd, Chaguaramas Trinidad
Supply and installation of 180ft sheet piled concrete bulkhead and land reclamation





Cari-Dock (Clico) Chaguaramas Trinidad
Installation of 1 - 72" dia tubular pile (50 tons) and 5 - 56" dia piles for concrete dolphins for the stabilization of the dry dock.




Land Fish & Sea, Chaguaramas Trinidad
Dredging and removal of approx. 1000 cubic yards of river stone from Dock frontage.




Petrotrin, Point-a-Pierre Trinidad
Installation of a 450ft sheet piled cofferdam, AZ-28 steel sheet piles. With Junior Sammy Co. Ltd (Bish Construction)



Port Zante Marina, Urban Development Co. Ltd, St. Kitts & Nevis
Marine Rehab Project. Extracting and driving greenheart piles, steel tubalar pile driving. removal and rebuilding of wooden finger piers. Clam shell dredging, removal and disposing of 300ton concrete obstruction from the seabed.



Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Company with Correia Construction, Roatan Honduras
Cruise ship Dock extension and improvements. Installation of 5 Breasting & Mooring Dolphins. 140ft dock extension. Pile driving of 55 - 24" dia steel piles @ 160ft long. Pouring offshore 1600 metric Tonnes of 5000psi concrete.




St. Vincent Government/ US Navy/ Coast Guard Building & New Dock Construction. Canouan
Geotechnical Investigation, Bathymetric Surveying, Design and specifications. 165ft Concrete Dock construction, pile testing and pile driving





Christophe Harbour & Park Hyatt with Kelly Construction Ltd, St. Kitts
Pile driving (sheet piles, concrete piles, timber piles, tubular steel piles), revetments, cofferdams.